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Meet Our Wolf Hybrids.


In a gray world, the wolf dog lingers between the wild and domestic. They yearn for human interaction yet possess a deep desire for a pack, forests and freedom.

The outcome for many of these wolf dogs is sad. They are abandoned by their owners at dog shelters where they are considered unadoptable and euthanized. Unable to understand, they remain there until the vets arrive to inject them with the solutions that stop their hearts. Fearful and confused, they die on a concrete floor surrounded by strangers.

Wolf Run is home to many of these animals. If a shelter contacts us and we have  openings, we will accept the animals sight unseen to keep the innocents from suffering a horrific fate. Many of these animals are not wolf dogs. Disreputable breeders will say anything for money. Including mislabeling a husky mix puppy as a wolf dog. It is a constant battle as we attempt to educate the public on the differences between a dog, wolf , wolf-dog, and coyote.


Since wolves are no longer found wild in Kentucky and these animals have been captive raised and cannot care for themselves in the wild, they are not candidates for release. What this means is that animal becomes Wolf Run's responsibility for the remainder of its life.


When the Wolf Run phone rings, saying "Yes" to helping an animal in a death risk situation in a shelter is easy! It's the best feeling.  But then what? There's only so much room in a habitat before another needs to be built. And if that is not the case, the rescue is no rescue at all. It's a life sentence of that animal living in a dog kennel.


The goal is to provide them all with habitats. And that's another reason we need your help. It cost a fortune to put up new fencing. It must be tall, sturdy, secured with dig wire and encompassed in another fence called the perimeter fence.


The struggle to be a replacement for the" wild" is constant.  We always need your support and the needs are very real.

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