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 Licensed Wildlife Rehabilitators

USDA & KY state licensed facility


 Wolf Run is a 501(c)3 non profit

USDA & KY state licensed facility

for apex predators


 Meet the Residents of Wolf Run

 Habitats for Happiness


Since wolves are no longer found wild in Kentucky and these animals have been captive raised and cannot care for themselves in the wild, they are not candidates for release. What this means is that animal becomes Wolf Run's responsibility for the remainder of its life.


When the Wolf Run phone rings, saying, "Yes," to helping an animal in a death risk situation is easy! But then what?  Since they are not for adoption and are there for their lifetimes, living in a ten by ten wire cage for eternity is not a   life but a life sentence for that animal living in a dog kennel. There's a huge difference in existing and living. 


The goal is to provide them all with habitats. And that's another reason we need your help. It cost a fortune to put up new fencing. It must be tall, sturdy, secured with dig wire and encompassed in another fence called the perimeter fence. This is a requirement made by the USDA and one that must be followed for the animals safety and protection. 


The struggle to be a replacement for the" wild" is constant.  We always need your support and the animals quality of life depends on it. 

Without Further Ado...Meet the animals of Wolf Run.


 The Rescued Animals Of Wolf Run

 Wolf Hybrids





 Potbelly Pigs



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