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 Meet The Wolves

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The following animals are lifelong residents of Wolf Run.

Wild animals raised by humans to be pets, are unable to survive in the wild. You cannot teach them to hunt, find suitable shelter from the weather and that at all costs, humans are to be feared.  If you should find a wild animal in need, please contact a licensed wildlife rehabilitator.

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Say Hello to Denali

 We have two new members that have recently been added to the Wolf Run family! This is Denali! A beautiful 11-12 year old wolf that will be spending her senior years with us. We are happy to have her in our lives and hearts. 

Denali was purchased as a pet but then rehomed soon after the couple decided to have children. Not an easy decision but a smart one.


Another rescue has had her for ten years. She lived in a beautiful area with lots of room to roam and explore however she outlived all of her packmates. Another property was purchased and Denali was to go with her owner when it was discovered that wolves are not allowed in the area in which the farmland was purchased.  Our friend made the tough decision to rehome her. 

We will be fundraising for a new habitat for her as well as, Nyx, who is pictured below. We cannot do this without your help. So please, if you love animals, give what you can to allow us to continue providing a sanctuary for these gorgeous, wild and misunderstood animals! 

Say Hello to NYX

 We have two new rescued wolves! Two more lives saved by your donations and the hard work of our all volunteer staff! 

This is Nyx. Just five years old, she has suffered at the hands of a trashy breeder who did not care for her. Living in her own feces, she survived off of her own excrement, struggling, day to day. She is as thin as a rail with absolutely no medical care whatsoever. Her home was a ten by ten fenced area that she shared with an intact, male, Austrailian Shepherd and their two puppies. The conditions were deplorable.


All four animals were taken to a shelter where they awaited euthanization or rescue from a licensed facility such as Wolf Run. The puppies went into another rescue while the adult female came to us. The before and after photographs show the difference that a rescue can make in only several days. We look forward to giving this girl the life she deserves! 

Say Hello to Meeska

Meeska is a high content wolf dog. "Content," the amount of wolf verses dog, is tested by DNA and also by a trained, experienced eye. It is unusual to find DNA that returns results that read 100% wolf unless the animals are being monitored in a strict breeding program. There is usually some dog DNA in most results. 

Meeska came to us in 2008 and was owner surrendered by her owner. Allegedly she was found in the woods when she was a puppy and taken in and raised as a pet. 

There's a saying, "The lion and tiger may be more powerful, but the wolf does not perform in a circus." This emphasizes the wolf's independence and self-reliance. Living indoors as a pet is not in their repertoire. They are built for the wild. 

Meeska has always been very skittish, as is the behavior of wolves. It has taken a very time for us to build her trust. Wolves taken away from their parents at such a young age typically bond with person who raised them. Unfortunately, that option is gone.

People who choose to raise these animals from young pups do not realize the bond they break, nor the heartache caused from their poor decisions.

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Over twenty years ago this precious puppy was brought to Wolf Run and owner surrendered. Apparently, a young man joined his friend and attended an exotic animal auction. He purchased a wolf dog. His arrival home, with such a purchase, did not go over well with his mother and she reacted quickly by bringing him to Wolf Run.

Razz was an independent and serious baby. He behaved like a little old man. Every move was a decision to be carefully planned out. We all fell in love with him! 

Razz attended many educational events with his handlers. He was a perfect gentleman and looked forward to his double cheeseburger that he always got on the way home!

Wolf Run has been so blessed to have had him for so many years and that he has remained healthy.  We are truly grateful!

Time has taken it's toll and he has slowed down considerably. Arthritis medications and supplements are a part of his daily are his favorites, double cheeseburgers! No bread or pickles  please!

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Sweet Sadie's owner died during Covid.  Not one family member or friend wanted this senior girl. With no one to help her, the choice was made that she be taken to a kill shelter. Typically, a kill shelter keeps animals for up to two weeks and then euthanizes them. For wolf dogs, it is an immediate death sentence. They are illegal to adopt out to the public. This is one of the many reasons Wolf Run and others like it are so important! These animals are here by no choice of their own!


Since wolves and wolf dogs cannot legally be adopted out., a sanctuary or rescue group, qualified to hold wildlife, must step in if the animal's life is to be saved.  Those that have, wolf, attached to their names, are euthanized. This applies to mixed breed animals that have no wolf content. If the owner labels the animal as a wolf, he or she, is treated as such. This is one of many reasons why education is so important. Sadie had DNA testing done and is indeed, a low content wolf dog.

The number of people that worked to save this senior hybrid is overwhelming. Volunteers rallied for Sadie, and she was moved into another shelter to buy her time and spare her life. This shuffling from shelter to shelter began in May of 2022 and ended on October 21st when she was transported her to Wolf Run.

Sadie is elderly, and was treated for heart worms, and arthritis. Her DNA shows her to be 14% wolf. If not for the shelter staff and volunteers who loved her, she would have been killed. Thank you to all the wonderful people who made this happen! As you can see, Sadie is happy too!

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His owner called and said he needed to find his wolf a home. We were doubtful we were going to evaluate a true wolf dog, but we piled into the truck anyway and took a road trip to see this animal.

When we pulled into the drive, we saw this poor boy tied to a tree. He looked miserable and his eyes were dull and lifeless. Upon approaching him, he was so happy to see us! Judge was starved for attention. Needless to say, when the truck door opened, he jumped right in and we brought him home, but not without looking back at the prison he was leaving and releasing a long, low growl. 

Best day ever! 

Judge loves most people and all children, which is rare for a higher content wolf hybrid. Oh, he still has his wolfy ways! Like attending an educational program and stopping, refusing to take another step. We could be in the middle of the road, and he won't budge. Then, on his terms, he'll come out of it and start walking again. He's a quirky guy that marches, or not, to his own beat! 

This sweet boy surprised us with DNA results coming back 68.5% Grey Wolf. He has the sweetest, and friendliest personality!  Judge has been to many educational programs and is a real crowd pleaser!

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This handsome boy came to us with his sisters, Aries,  Kia, Khaleesi, and Nayelli. Just three weeks of age, each had to be bottle fed to survive. Just look at the final product! Isn't he breathtaking? He's been compared to the mighty oak. Standing strong, tall and completely rooted. 

Jericho came from a breeder who got into trouble when his wolves cleared a fence that was banked with snow. At least one animal died and the rest were owner surrendered to Wolf Run. A total of six animals became permanent residents and the Wolf Run family grew extensively

Jericho's DNA shows that he is 76% Grey Wolf. He is shy when first meeting new friends but is very gentle natured and relaxed. He has an iron settee that he prefers to the ground. On most days he lazes in the shade and occasionally skinny dips in the pond. 

Jericho is now nine years of age! He loves chicken and deer meat, swimming, and long naps with his sister and pack mate, Aries. They have never been separated and are truly bonded. 

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 Khaleesi is the sister to Jericho, Kia, Nayelli, and Aries. These pups are now nine years of age! 

Having always lived together, five puppies grew into strong, healthy animals with a hierarchy and family rules.  As complicated as the packs social order is In the wild, where animals can run, and escape the brutality of the Alpha female, there is much to be considered in captivity. In an enclosed habitat you can run but you cannot hide.

In order for the animals to remain relaxed and unguarded, two new habitats were needed, and our fundraising team worked long, hard hours to make this happen for these animals. 

Khaleesi is now free to relax. It's wonderful to watch her walk languidly along the tree line without the fear of being ambushed by the Alpha female

This girl is very shy, as to be expected of higher content animals. DNA shows this pack to be 76% Grey Wolf. Each of them have such distinct personalities and one is nothing like the other! 

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 This is Aries and she is the sister of Jericho,  Kia, Nayelli, and Khaleesi. This girl is passive and sweet. She came in as a three week old puppy and was bottle raised by a volunteer. 

Aries is nine years old now. Time goes by quickly. But even as a senior animal she is still playful, curious and always ready for some loving! Aries lives with her brother, Jericho. Their habitat is amazing. They even have their own pond, and an area shaded with lots of trees and privacy.

Aries is much higher strung that her brother! When you walk into her area, she comes full speed to greet you! It's rather alarming if you aren't prepared and is a bit like being clipped by a Mini Cooper! 

We are so happy that at Wolf Run she could remain with her brother. Family is important to wolves, even in captivity. Her enthusiasm is heartwarming, and she is loved dearly!

All animals at Wolf Run are spayed and or neutered! No animals are bred, sold, or unhappy at Wolf Run.

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 Kia is a sister to Jericho, Khaleesi, Aries and Nayelli. Kia's pack mate is a wolf dog named, Cannibal. (He almost eats you up with kisses).

Kia's nickname is, Moose. When she was a tiny baby, she went through a growing phase and looked too much like one not to tease her about it! Today, this glorious gal has lost all resemblance to a moose and is one of the most beautiful wolf dogs at the refuge. 

Kia is nine years of age.  She has a shy personality, which is the case with higher content animals. She warms quickly and trusts deeply. Her caretaker spoils her rotten with treats and Kia knows she is loved. 

Like all the animals at Wolf Run, we feel it's our responsibility to give them what they need to be happy. Working with wildlife calls for humans to, love, animals in the ways that they understand. Many times, that is not by holding and kissing them as you would your domestic pet, but by contributing to their joy! Enrichment, companionship, good food and room to run and play. 

Kia is one of those animals that wants human affection and does she ever get it! We are happy to oblige!

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Luna came in from out of state where she was being used for breeding purposes. Her previous owner was the same person who owner surrendered the five puppies, Kia, Khaleesi, Aries, Nayelli and Jericho. Her previous owner quickly learned that wolves are escape artists.


One mistake can lead to awful consequences. As was the case with Luna when a snowbank against a fence offered a pathway for them to go up and over the fencing. Word spread like wildfire. Neighbors panicked, the township was in an uproar and these animals were in imminent danger. At least one animal was shot and killed. 

Once all animals were captured, and back home the owner, under the cities forceful hand, surrendered all of these animals to Wolf Run. 

Five puppies and two adults, one of which was Luna, call Wolf Run home. 

Luna is feisty, curious, and maybe even a bit mischievous! Her nickname is, Lunatic! Luna lives with her mother who keeps her in check and she keeps her mother, Lakoda, on her toes! 

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 Juri is the result of irresponsible breeding. A breeder sold this innocent, scared baby to people who had no knowledge of wolf dogs. They realized they were in over their heads and asked the breeder is they could return her and were refused! Juri ended up in a dangerous situation. She was so small and so very afraid. A young lady learned of Juri's plight and proceeded to contact the unhappy owners. They handed her over without one question. Once again, this baby was with someone who did not understand little wolves. The situation had improved slightly. But when Juri began defending herself, her mouth was wrapped tightly closed to keep her from biting. 

Wolf Run was contacted, and we accepted this baby into our program immediately. When we first saw her, our hearts broke. Her mouth was tied closed with Velcro, which also kept her from panting properly, drinking and eating. It was a horrible start to her life.

Juri's packmate is another young hybrid, Simon. They get along beautifully and enjoy playing with their toys and one another! 

Juri is very shy and does not enjoy us much, but we sure love her! She likes sneaking up behind us and nipping us on our backsides!

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This is our boy, Cannibal. As his name implies, he'll eat you up with love and kisses! This boy is so sweet. He came in as a puppy and has been with Wolf Run for nine years. 

Cannibal's packmate is Kia and they have been together for years. There's never any bickering, they really love one another. . He is kind, happy, and very affectionate! He walks on a leash and willingly goes to his veterinarian appointments without much hesitation. He leans on his caregiver for support and knows she will not let anyone hurt him. Cannibal loves to eat which is evident, as he comes thundering towards you! We make excuses for him. Some say it's all fluff while others swear its muscle! 

Higher content wolf dogs are very shy around strangers. Most bond with the person who raises them and avoid other humans, sometimes for the rest of their lives. Those animals propose many problems for rescues. Getting them to a veterinarian, even catching them, is a huge ordeal and even though it sounds harsh, darting them with a tranquilizer rifle is far kinder and safer than running them down, netting them and scaring them half to death.

People have no idea what they do to these animals when they decide they no longer want them. These loyal creatures who are so family oriented and count on their humans for a lifetime of companionship and care, are broken hearted when abandoned.

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Can you imagine tying your dog out to a post and driving away? That's exactly what happened to this young wolf dog. Say hello to Charm. Charm was found tied up at a motel. No food or water, and no owner in sight. Someone associated with the business called animal control.  They came and picked her up and made her a temporary home at the shelter. They truly took such good care of her and put a shout out on social media asking for help. It is illegal for wolves or wolf dogs to be put up for adoption. If a rescue can't take them, they are euthanized.  Charm came to Wolf Run. 

It was obvious to us that she was very young. She was so receptive to us! Everyone got kisses and after her initial two-week quarantine period she became packmates with Halo. Each animal that is new to the facility is placed in an area for fourteen days to allow any illness or disease contracted while in the shelter to present itself and be treated. It is also a time of for basic medical care including, parasite removal, flea and tick prevention and vaccinations. 

We received word that Charm's owner had been located. She said, explicitly, she did not want that animal back.! Charm had apparently done an unsurmountable amount of damage to the interior of the woman's home. 

Wolves and wolf dogs are extremely destructive. The higher content wolf dogs, or hybrids, cannot be housebroken. They are nervous and high-strung animals and best suited for outdoors. 

Charm's pack mate is Halo. Charm is only a year old. She still has some filling out to do but is a lovely girl. Wolves and wolf dogs come in all sizes! Halo is also smaller, and they make a great pair! 

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Timber so weak she could hardly stand.


It's particularly disturbing to know that any living being has suffered. Timber's story is a sad one. She got an awful start in life. Wolf Run was contacted by an out of state shelter, who had confiscated Timber, asking for help. Timber had been starved and was ill. Photos were exchanged in order to determine her content. Pictures depicted an animal pleading for help. Not only was she emaciated, but her back leg had also been amputated. She was so weak she could hardly stand. When she became strong enough for the journey, she was transported to Wolf Run.

Once in our care, we rushed her to our veterinarian immediately. He put her on IV fluids and did bloodwork. Her bloodwork showed severe anemia. Timber's body was consumed with hook and whip worms. It was so debilitating that her body was shutting down.

Extreme measures were taken in order for her to have a second chance at life. Slowly, very slowly, Timber's condition improved! We brought her to the refuge, and she blossomed! Today you would not recognize her! 

Her pack mate is Boomerang. They really have fun!

Timber was abused. The previous owner was charged with cruelty to animals and ordered not to have animals for six months. 

But this story isn't over. The abuse continued, this time with Halo.

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 Halo came to Wolf Run when he was still a baby. He was confiscated from his owner for cruelty to animals. This is the same person who was charged with cruelty to animals regarding Timber. These animals did not come in at the same time, which shows the mistreatment was ongoing.  Halo was confiscated and taken directly to the shelter's veterinarian where he stayed on IV fluids for days. The staff in this clinic was uncertain if he would make it and he certainly could not travel. Wolf Run was contacted by this out of state shelter and asked if we could help this baby. As soon as he was strong enough, transport was arranged, and Halo came to his forever home. 

Today, Halo is a strong, handsome boy with the life he deserves. His pack mate is Charm. Both of them are younger and enjoy a nice big habitat that allows them to scent roll, play stalk one another, and take long naps without ever being disturbed. 

Scent rolling is something dogs do as w​ell. Wolves scent roll to bring information back to the rest of the pack. For example, if there is an elk carcass and a pack member traveling alone discovers it, he will scent roll on the elk carcass and then bring the scent of “food” back to his pack. Another source of information that scent rolling achieves is wolves can disguise their own smell with a “perfume” of whatever it is they’re rolling on. The purpose of this scent-camouflage is to allow wolves to get closer to their prey, without the prey picking up on the wolf's true scent.

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This little boy was purchased from yet another irresponsible breeder. Without educating themselves, they acquired this little wolf dog without any clue what they were in store for and what his needs would be.

 Boomer was terrified and as wolf hybrids do, he ran and hid, desperate to find a safe place. His reaction stemmed from fear, not aggression. The people soon tired of this behavior, having no idea why this tiny wild animal refused to trust them. He was captured and put into their basement and left there. Each time they cornered him, he would lash out, biting to protect himself. This became a huge problem with Boomer as he quickly learned that biting worked! Wolf Run was contacted by a shelter where they had taken Boomer and owner surrendered him. He was at risk of being euthanized not just because the owners said he was a wolf, but he was also a biter. We accepted him into our program. He bit all of us, and by this time, he meant business! 

One of our board members picked him up and took him home with her. Every time he started to bite, she put her hand to his mouth, he held on to it gently, and she told him she loved him. It sounds crazy but almost immediately, the behavior stopped. But only with her! He continues to this day to be completely untrustworthy and will bite with no provocation. He has chosen a few close friends whom he trusts. Boomer is loved, and his BFF always has his back! 

Boomerang's packmate is Adrift.

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Simon came to us as a juvenile. He is a very low content (very little wolf and mostly dog) wolf dog and is so friendly and sweet. He gets along with everyone! Watching him grow up into this beautiful soul has been a great experience. He has never been in trouble, scolded or even shewed away! Simon is such a good boy! He was owner surrendered because his owner no longer wanted him.

A very low content wolf dog has the capabilities of being dangerous and unpredictable. Not the case here! But they can become hard to control and are a huge liability to their owners. Since there isn't a rabies vaccine approved for wolves/wolf dogs, a vaccine does little in the way of protecting the owners in case of a bite or even a scratch. It does, however, contribute some protection against rabies in canines who may come into contact with diseased wildlife.



Since the animals live outdoors, an occasional skunk or raccoon wiggles its way into their habitat and could be a carrier of all sorts of diseases. Wolf Run takes every precaution to protect the hybrids. Everyone is vaccinated just as you would your dog. Each of them wears Frontline Plus for fleas and ticks.  They get their ears cleaned, nails clipped, brushed and even dentals when needed. Hybrids are rarely dirty or carry any odor that is noticeable to humans. An animal that becomes ill can present an odor and treated for mites, yeast and fungal infections. Each animal at Wolf Run is checked daily for signs of health problems! 

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This sweet boy was living with his owners in Lexington, KY.  On one of his daily walks, he got away from his owner. She was unable to catch him, and he was running at large for some time. After many failed attempts, he was captured by Lexington Humane Society and taken to the shelter. His owners were so sad that they could not bring him back home. Wolves and wolf dogs are illegal to keep as pets in in Seiyuu's hometown.

Seiyuu was so depressed and afraid in the shelter. He stopped eating and Wolf Run was contacted to help him. He came to live at Wolf Run. He is such a nice gentleman. Shy, gentle natured, and so handsome. His packmate is a special needs Rottweiler, Hanna, who is a rescue from Louisville Metro Animal Shelter. It's been difficult to pair him with someone that isn't to rough with him. Hanna is sweet and older and they love one another.

Wolf dogs are illegal to own as pets if they are over 25% wolf. That means they must be mostly a dog. Different states have their own laws concerning wolves and wolf dogs. It's wise to check your individual state laws. 

In Kentucky, Wolf-dog hybrids of 25% or less, were deemed legal across the state.  Local governments have the ability to be more restrictive. Many counties have amended their own laws regarding wolf dogs and have banned wolf dogs altogether. 

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 Kie was a beloved pet that belonged to a young lady in Florida. Wolf dogs are very difficult to keep as a pet. They are super athletic and capable of climbing tall fencing, digging and chewing. Hybrids are smart, with a brain 30% larger than domestic dogs, they will keep you on your toes constantly.



Kye's owner was unable to keep him.  For reasons we are unaware of, she began looking for a rescue. He was placed in Florida but reacted badly to the situation and she once again had to find a safe place for Kie. Wolf Run was contacted. This sweet boy came to live with us at Wolf Run.

A major problem incurred by wolf hybrid owners is the amount of destruction that can be done in a very short amount of time! The jaw pressure of an average wolf is 400 PSI (Pound force per square inch) A wolf has one of the strongest bites of all carnivores, with its bite being rated to approximately 406 PSI. The jaw pressure of a wolf is twice that of a dog, up to 1,200 pounds per square inch. By comparison, the Pit Bull has a jaw power of 242 pounds per square inch. 

A wolf can run up to 40 mph in short bursts. They usually travel long distances at 5 mph 

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Adrift is a low content wolf dog. Her DNA results calculated her wolf percentage to be 25%! She is a precious girl with so much expression! We are constantly falling in love with her! Addy is so intelligent. We have such a great time with her! 

Addy came from a breeder who thought she was a full wolf. Every animal involved in this litter was incorrectly identified as wolves. Addy's brothers and sisters were all sold as wolves so that misinformation has spread to all those owners, their families and friends. Now all of them, "think," they know what a wolf looks like and how they behave. Wolf Run receives calls every week from people who are adamant that their dog is a full wolf. This is how is happens. People are simply uneducated, stubborn and egotistical. 


Addy adores her people. But she is also dangerous and capable of biting.  This behavior is not the wolf content coming through but the dog's content. This is also where the misconception of wolves being good guard dogs began. Higher percentage wolf dogs are shy creatures who will only snap or bite if they feel threatened. Lower content hybrids can be dangerous.

Dogs that are owner surrendered to animal shelters and labeled wolves or wolf dogs, are euthanized. It is illegal for shelters to put wolf hybrids on the adoption floor. Licensed facilities can step in and save these innocent animals lives however having room for new animals is difficult as we all struggle to erect new habitats for more room, to save more lives. Remember, each wolf or wolf hybrid Wolf Run accepts is a lifetime responsibility! 

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 Ember came to us as a tiny baby! She is a high content wolf dog! Topping the charts at 87.5% grey wolf! Percentages are best left to DNA testing. Not only will it tell you the amount of wolf detected but also any other dog breeds that are mixed in. Embark and Wisdom are two we use the most. Simply swab the inside of their cheek with a cotton swab that accompanies the test kit. Send it back and wait! It takes several weeks and seems much longer but it's worth it. 

Ember's other breed is 12.5% Siberian Husky. Usually there are more but this gal has been selectively bred. She is my all means, a wolf. 

With tons of personality and a heart of gold, she is extremely affectionate and enjoys her humans. Her packmate is Judge and they love one another! Judge is a few years older than Ember, but he tolerates all the playing and is very gentle with her. 

Companionship is such an important part of happiness! We are careful when forming a unit. With the exception of Luna and her mother, Lakoda, all pairs are male and female. All animals are spayed or neutered. 

Ember and Judge loved one another at first site. Ember treats Judge like her big brother! 

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 Abuse comes in many forms. Most people believe that chaining an animal to a tree or the bumper of a car is mistreatment. Not only was Wesson chained but his collar was padlocked around his neck. He was living in filth. Rusted cans, plastic jugs, and garbage littered his area. We observed no water or food for him. 

When we approached him, he cowered a bit. Hearing the love in our voices he quickly warmed up to us, with ears back and his tail wagging. The first thing we asked is for the padlock to be removed so we could replace it with a soft collar. The lock had to be hammered off. It was rusted shut. 

Wesson's chest was bare. Our first thought was the heavy chain he was dragging had caused the hair loss. But once in the hands of our veterinarian, we learned Wesson had a skin infection that had been going on for years. He is still on three medications for his skin but look at this stud muffin now! 

Wesson is so sweet. He loves humans and gets very excited when meeting new people! He has never lived indoors and as far as we know, never lived his life off of a chain-until now!

His DNA came back as 12% Gray Wolf, with a mixture of Malamute, Husky, Samoyed and 8.3% unknown. 

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Lakoda came in from out of state where she was being used for breeding purposes. Her previous owner was the same person who owner surrendered the five puppies, Kia, Khaleesi, Aries, Nayelli and Jericho. Her previous owner quickly learned that wolves are escape artists.


One mistake can lead to awful consequences. As was the case with Lakoda when a snowbank against a fence offered a pathway for them to go up and over the fencing. 

Once all animals were captured, and back home the owner, under the cities forceful hand, surrendered all of these animals to Wolf Run. 

Five puppies and two adults, one of which was Lakoda, call Wolf Run home. 

Lakoda was full of energy, curiosity, and a little bit on the bad side! She would walk up and grab your hair, nip you on the hindside and steal anything in sight! Lakoda came with her daughter, Luna, whom she has spent her life with. Lakoda is now older. Her face is one of wisdom, and time. 

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