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 Unwanted Exotic Pets

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The exotic pet trade is booming! Auctions make many animals available to purchase and rest assured, they do not care if you have experience or good intentions with that species. 

Some animals are bred and sold locally with even less concern for the animal's wellbeing or owner experience. These animals fall into hands that are not prepared to spend thousands of dollars for fencing, food, and medical care. These unsuspecting owners have little to no experience in wildlife. Situations such as these are dangerous, not just for the animals but also the public! While most situations involving exotic pet ownership goes awry, some people actually step up to the plate after seeing an animal in need. Many contact us to help them with those animals and for that, we are grateful!

Here are several of those animals that call Wolf Run, home! 


 Wolf Run offers unwanted exotic pets a lifetime of sanctuary and happiness!

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