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Habitats for Happiness

 Habitats for Happiness

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Your support of this program is the greatest gift you could give to an animal at Wolf Run! The wildlife we care for at Wolf Run have been captive raised. None of them are capable of caring for themselves in the wild and are not candidates for release. They each deserve what humans have taken from them. Sanctuaries differ greatly from dog and cat shelters. Rather than spending several weeks awaiting adoption, Wolf Run's animals remain with us for the remainder of their lives. 


The most expensive and important necessity for the animal's safety and happiness are the areas in which they live!  Just like us, stress plays an important role in their health and longevity. Wild animals are especially prone to nervous tension. They must have open areas with grass, trees and sunshine!  It's our responsibility to mimic a natural environment for their benefit while also meeting all the guidelines put forth by the U.S.D.A. as well as the Kentucky Department of Agriculture and the Kentucky Department of Fish and Game. All of this is done at the expense of the refuge. We receive no financial compensation from any of them. 

Fencing is by far the most expensive need we have at Wolf Run. Each area must have fencing that is a minimum of eight feet tall, with a perimeter fence of at least the same height, that encompasses the entire area.  Imagine the concerns we have for those animals who need help, but we have limited areas! Remember, our residents are with us for their lifetimes. Since most cannot be released into the wild, or adopted into other homes, they spend their lifetimes with Wolf Run.


Caging them, leaving any of them alone in a ten-by-ten chain link kennel is not a rescue.

They must each have, "Habitats for Happiness."

It is illegal for animal shelters to adopt out wolf hybrids. They are required to euthanize any animal that comes in as a wolf, or a wolf hybrid, unless a licensed wildlife facility steps in and agrees to take the animal into their care. Many assume that once the animal in need is no longer in a death risk situation that they are safe.


                                             The struggle to be a replacement for the" wild" is constant.  We always need your support and the animal's quality of life depends on it. 

Your donation is tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law. Wolf Run is a 501(c) 3 Non-profit organization and is the oldest wildlife refuge of its kind in Kentucky!

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 There is a huge difference in living and existing, and no rescue is complete unless that animal is living his or her, best life.

Habitats for Parrots?

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