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Webmaster Notes


In May 2015, the Wolf Run website was transitioned from Weebly to a Wix site based on the HTML5 Nature template. The modernized site features an immersive blurred background, beautiful photography, and an easy to follow intuitive layout. The site has an optiomized mobile view and is SEO optimized.



Unfortunately, google translate is currently incompatible with Wix.


Homepage Comparison

Why Wix?


While Wix is not the most customizable platform, nor the cheapest, it's ease of use and ample features make it the platform of choice for this site. Ease of use for the main Wolf Run volunteers, was the primary concern. Yes, there are more customizable, lower-cost, open source platforms, but at this time, Wix's ease of use could not be matched.


We'll be moving to WordPress in the future.



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