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 Wolf Run considers all the animals to be special needs. After all, they require special diets, certain medications and care, fencing and appropriate lifestyles.

However, some need just a bit more help. Say, "Hello," to our shining stars! 

 Wolf Run's Special Needs Animals

 This whitetail doe was born with congenital cataracts. She is blind.  Her name is Starla. She has enjoyed a wonderful life with us at Wolf Run for 13 years!

Wolf Run offers lifelong sanctuary to those animals that are unable to be safely released back into the wild. Some are amputees, others were born blind, while some are not indigenous to the area. 


 Wolf Run is also home to this beautiful Whitetail doe, Helen. Helen was also born with congenital cataracts and is blind. She has been with us for many years.

 This lovely, young coydog was found on the roadside, still breathing but seriously injured. She is now an amputee and will spend her life at Wolf Run. 

 This is Buddy. He is a 20-year-old gelding that has been with Wolf Run since he was a yearling. Buddy was attacked by a pit bull when he was just a baby. The attack left Buddy with injuries that rendered him unable to eat or protect himself from other horses. He was just too weak and little to stand up to them. Buddy nearly starved to death. If he was ever to breath sufficiently, he would require an extensive surgery. Unfortunately, too much time passed, and surgery was no longer an option. Due to the severity of the injuries, Buddy has no upper pallet and no upper teeth. His breathing becomes a snorting sound when winded. He is on a special diet and high-quality care. Buddy is spoiled rotten!

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