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Where we are all philanthropist at heart.

 Welcome to "You Rescue."

A private group of members who have their own voice in the rescue world!


 "You Rescue," members make a recurring, monthly donation of $20.00. The total will be available to aid an animal in need. Each animal and their story will be posted on a private blog where , "You Rescue," members determine which animal will receive financial aid.  This will be done by voting and only members will have access to the group and it's decisions. The amount raised monthly will be continuously posted. You decide how much to spend, and which animal, "You Rescue," chooses to help!

To Rescues-
Animals in need will be submitted only from 501(C)3 nonprofit rescues. Each submission must contain at least two pictures of the animal, it's location, his or her needs, and the requested amount. Rescues must submit a copy of their 501(c)3 and the attending Veterinarians name, phone number along with an estimate for the animal in need of assistance.

Wolf Run's, "You Rescue," is a group of concerned animal lovers, reaching out to make a difference in the life of an animal in need. By joining, "You Rescue," your recurrent monthly payment is tax deductible.


Once the groups account balance is above 150.00 we will begin to accept animal assistance requests. If a group member becomes aware of an animal that they want to help, please ask the shelter or associated rescue to follows the guidlines above for submitting a request from "You Rescue."


Membership Application
Rescue Requests
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