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About Us

 Wolf Run Wildlife Refuge is an All volunteer staff!

 Meet Wolf Run's 2023 Board Of Directors

Meet the animal care staff of Wolf Run. These remarkable people are volunteers!


 Mrs. Mary Kindred

CEO/Founder Wildlife Rehabilitator


Miss Becca Senn 

Animal Care Director/Wildlife Rehabilitator


Mr. David R. Fuller

President/Captive Cervid Licensee 


 Mr. Rich Hauer

Manager/Board of Directors


 Mary Kindred and Kenya

No disrespect to Lynda Carter, but there are a lot of Wonder Women out there — particularly in the realm of animal rescue.

Countless women across the globe have dedicated themselves to animal heroics, all in the name of those who can’t speak for themselves.


Many of the world’s most wonderful sanctuaries are helmed by such women, all of whom are doing incredible work (often with no pay)

— fueled entirely by their devotion to animals in need.

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By Hannah Sentenac

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