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Sabra & Wally

Coydog is a name given to an animal that is part dog and part coyote. A mating of this nature is not common but it can occur between a dog and a coyote.

Both Sabra and Wally were tiny, helpless puppies when they were found.

As these two grew stronger, their gaurdians became acutely aware that they were not just regular puppies.

Just look at what these two grew into! Wally was certified by a veterinarian as a coydog as was Sabra. We are very fortunate to be their caretakers.

Sabra and Wally ❤️.jpg
Sabras Christmas💕.jpg
 Totem and his BFF Reba

Wolf Run was home to a pair of carefree coyotes: Loki and Totem. Coyotes are a wolf like canid of North America

distinguished from the wolf by their relatively small size, slender build, large ears and narrow muzzle. They are funky little critters!

Totem passed on to the great plains and rivers. Cancer took our boy. We will love him forever and in that way he will always be with us. Reba was with him until the end.

Loki Was released back into the wild! He came in as an older baby so we did not need to bottle feed him. Being afraid of us and other humans was the best way for him to live a safe and happy life! 


Coyote Coexistence is a website dedicated to educating everyone on the truth about coyotes. If you have any questions, you will find your answers here.

Click to learn!

Coyote Facts:

*Coyotes can run up to forty miles an hour!


*A male will travel as far as a hundred miles in search of food.

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