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Meet the birds.


The birds that are featured in the slide show, reside at Wolf Run. Each was at one time a beloved pet. We won't say they are not for adoption, but we will be certain that their next home will be their forever home. It takes a special person to commit to a parrot for a lifetime.

The truth about parrots...
There is nothing worse than taking flight from a bird.

There are advocates for dogs on chains. Activist rally for the elephants. Pit Bulls and Rottweilers have a huge fan base that upholds their rights as good pets. But you rarely hear about the plight of the parrots.

The number of birds in rescues is staggering. Purchased for thousands of dollars, their new owners are unprepared for the long haul. Parrots bite. They are destructive, demanding and very loud. Their caging must be cleaned every day. New toys and interactive items should be something of habit. The cages are expensive but not a drop in the bucket when it comes to vet care. And try to find a local veteranarian that is certified to attend parrots. The forementioned are only a few of the things you need to know.

Here's a few more facts.

They are so funny. Each has its own personality. Just like a person! They can talk. Don't take this lightly! A talking animal?! It's mind blowing! You will seldom see anything more beautiful. They are sweet, and loving and truly enjoy  attention. So why are so many abandoned with rescues? Go back up to the first paragraph and re-read it for the answer.

Please-Do not purchase birds. Instead, look for rescues in your area! You can begin with

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