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 More Of Our Senior Animals!

 Bob- 18 Years Of Age


We are proud to introduce you to, 'Bob," and his best friend, "Apache."

Bob is a Lynx that was being kept as a pet. When he became to much for his owners, he was moved into the basement where he lived until he was moved outside and escaped. Soon after he was brought to Wolf Run. Bob was three years old when he came to us in the year 2002. 

Apache is a Bobcat. He was also kept as a pet. When his owners moved they did not take him along. In 2003 he was brought to Wolf Run and was also three years old! 

Both cats had been neutered and were not able to be released back into the wild due to being imprinted. 

The moment they met they became best friends and at 18 years of age, they have shared a beautiful life!

Apache- 18 Years Of Age


 Sadie-14 Years Old

 Sadie-14 years old


Sadie's owner passed away. No one in the family wanted her and she ended up in a kill shelter. She was blessed beyond imagination and surrounded by shelter volunteers who saw to it that while they desperately searched for Sadie a sanctuary, that she remained safe. When her time was up in one shelter, they would move her to another! Finally, Sadie had rescue and came to live her best life at Wolf Run! 

 PJ- 35-40 Year Old


 PJ came in many years ago and like an enormous number of parrots, became more of a nuisance than a beloved pet. He was living in a garage and was discovered by a volunteer who jumped in and made arrangements to move him to Wolf Run. Although we aren't certain of his birth date, our vet feels he is in his late thirties. He has always lived in a volunteer's home and is a part of their family! 

 Toby-21 Years Old

 Sweet Toby came to Wolf Run in 2001! He is now 21 years of age and doing just great! Potbelly pigs are some of the most widely rehomed animals. Currently Wolf Run is home to seven with the boss here, Toby, leading in wisdom! This sweet gentleman has always been gentle natured and a fan favorite at the sanctuary! 

 Buddy-21 Years Old

When Buddy was just a foal, he was attacked by his owners pitbull and nearly died. He lost the lower portion of his face including his nose and top teeth. He survived the attack and then nearly starved to death because he couldn't compete with the past owners other horses for food. He had such an awful start in life! It took over a year to get him built back up. Lots of people love Buddy and they have helped him on his journey. He is spoiled rotten, and an absolute beauty! 

 Living His Best Life

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