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PUT YOUR COMPASSION INTO ACTION and join Wolf Run for a sanctuary internship.


Wolf Run is the oldest wildlife sanctuary of its kind in Kentucky. Internships provide an amazing opportunity to increase your field work experience and learn about animal behavior and how to be better advocates for wildlife!



  • Age Requirement: 18 and older

  • Internship Length: 2 or 3 months

  • Medical Insurance: Interns must provide their own health insurance coverage for the duration of the internship, sign a waiver releasing Wolf Run from any liabilities, injuries, loss of personnel items, incurred while on site. 

  • Refundable Deposit: Interns must provide a $300 deposit to secure their spot, which is refunded upon completion of the program.

  • Capabilities: Applicants should be able to lift a minimum of 25 pounds.

  • You must dress appropriately in long pants, hiking or similar boots and no jewelry. 

  • Pets are not permitted.

  • No smoking, drugs, alcohol are permitted on site. 

Read through the descriptions of our ANIMAL CARE and ANIMAL ADVOCACY internship programs and submit an application below before the application deadline.

NOTE: Summer internships are the most competitive, but we seek and accept interns year-round. Because of the high volume of inquiries, applications are processed at intervals throughout the year. An approximate timeline for the application process is listed below.

2023 Application intervals for Animal Care and Animal Advocacy. Please circle your choice.

March 15th thru May 15th

May 20th thru August15th

August 20th thru November 15th

November 20th-February 15th






Area Code

Phone Number


Street Address



Zip Code

Please circle your answers.

I will be 18 years of age or older by the dates for which I am applying: 

Highest Level of Education Completed:

High School   College/University   Graduate School

Current Status (select all that apply):


Recent graduate

Employed (part-time)

Employed (full-time)


List any prior volunteer experience relevant to the internship:

What do you feel are your best qualifications to be a Wolf Run intern?

Two Past/Current Work or Academic References (name, organization, email address, phone number) 

Animal Care Internship Description:

Animal care starts promptly at 9AM. Expect to be on site for a minimum of three hours. Duties involve cleaning and feeding, lifting and carrying feed, water, hay and straw. Learning animal behaviors, improving the quality of the habitats as well as enrichment for captive animals. This is a great experience in field work.

Animal Advocacy Internship Description:

The focus is education and working with the public to increase awareness, for both captive animals as well as those living in the wild. This will include at least two tabling events in Lexington, per month. You will be asked to develop an educational program, either a display, through handouts, or by speaking with people. This is a wonderful opportunity for those interested in education. 

About your refund:

All interns are expected to be on site and ready to work. You must be on time, consistent, and responsible. 

Show up on time.

We work regardless of the weather. Dress accordingly. 

Do not wear jewelry and always wear your hair back, out of your face.  

 If you are not on time, will result in your deposit being held with no refund.

If ill, you must present a doctor's note or a phone call from a parent or guardian.

Signature of applicant, parent or guardian if under 18 years of age. 

I have read the above and understand that I will lose my deposit of $300.00 if I do not complete the Wolf Run Wildlife Refuge Internship.

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