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Meet our Equine.



Here in the "Horse Capital of the World," we as Kentuckians are obliged to do our part. Each person who has enjoyed Keeneland Race Track, The Red Mile, and the Kentucky Horse Park should do whatever they can to help horses in need. They've been exploited, then thrown away. If you are a horse lover, then help a horse in need. We are fortunate to be able to have these very special horses with us.


When this boy was a baby he was attacked by a dog. The injuries were severe and he lost most of his upper nose and pallet. Buddy almost died. Twice. First from the attack and then later when he nearly starved to death because his owners did not properly care for him.


This lovely mare is a senior. Her name is "Icy." She has one blue eye that is blue as the sky on a sunny day. She was given to us when we purchased a trailer her owners had for sale. As you can see, Icy is very kissable!

Hay and Feed Donations

The average horse can eat up to twenty pounds of hay per day. And we have several horses, so we go through a lot of hay. We are always in need of sweet feed, senior horse pellets and good hay. We appreciate any help you can give to Buddy and Icy.

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