Give a gift of love!
Virtual Animal adoptions!


Always wanted a wild animal but don't' have a place to keep it? With, "Wolf Run's Virtual Animal Adoptions," you can have your cake and eat it too! Virtual adoptions allows you to help wildlife in need! These are animals that are each dependent on you to help them. WRWR receives no federal or government assistance. Since Wolf Run exists on private donations, it's up to those who love and care for nature and it's inhabitants, to show those that have been abandoned and abused, a new world. Where loving, respect and caring can be done without the expectations of those feelings being returned. It's just another way to love! 

These Adoptions pay for medical needs, food, toys and even fencing! You get an adorable plush toy in your animals likeness, a certificate of adoption and a full color photo of your animal! So please look carefully at the photos below and see which one you connect with! 

Looking for the perfect gift? Look no further! All ages will enjoy a gift that gives back!

First let us say, "thank you," for choosing to make a difference in the life of an innocent animal! It takes a special person to care about something they don't even know. But we're about to fix that! Your virtual adoption kit will include:

An adorable plush toy in your animals likeness. 

A certificate of adoption personalized with your name and your animals name.

A bio briefly describing your animals history and their story of rescue.

PLUS we will pop in weekly to text you a photo or short video clip of your animal! You'll get to see what they're doing! Playing, snoozing under a shade tree, even eating! It's a great way to get to know your new wild animal!

 We give you our word, your phone number will never be shared! Please shop freely! Your privacy is our main concern!


 Choose the animal you wish to adopt!

 Baby Bobcat Kitten

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 Adopt Me!

 Baby Wolf Cub

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 Adopt Me!

 Adopt Me!

 Baby Fox Kit

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 Adopt Me!