To meet the ultimate needs of the animals Wolf Run is closed to the public.

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 Welcome To The Longest Running Wildlife Sanctuary In Kentucky.

Wolf Run is a 501 C 3 Non Profit Charity and a  U.S.D.A. Licensed Facility

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 2020 Miracles

 Home Sweet Home

This is a young wolfdog that was tied to a tree in Kentucky. He was surrendered by his owner to Wolf Run, and  we commend him. It was the right thing to do.

Seeing this wolf dog for the first time broke our hearts. He was obviously miserable. His eyes were dull and lifeless. It seemed he may have given up hope.

That happens sometimes, when their spirits are broken. 

We took him with us and his new future began with Wolf Run. We named him, Judge. He is barely over two years old. Just a puppy. And boy we had no idea what a wild ride we'd take with Judge! But one thing we all knew, Judge was home! 

A Ray of Sunshine 

 This is Judge now! In just a few months, with vet care, quality foods, and a whole lot of love, Judge became the beautiful boy you see here! 

He overcame his past. He is trusting, sweet and absolutely loves everyone! Something that made us doubt just how much wolf he actually had in him. It's unusual for a wolf dog to be so outgoing and loving. So we had a DNA test done. The results shocked us!

For those who have met Judge, they can all tell you what a lovely creature he is and he literally enjoys people.


He has become an Ambassador for Wolf Run's educational program as well as one of the favorites for our photography sessions! 

 Wolf Run staff member and licensed Wildlife Rehabilitator, Becca Senn, was called and was on site in 30 minutes. She gathered her up and carried her back to the truck for transport the the veterinary clinic.

Once at the clinic, she was xrayed, treated for wounds and given injectible antibiotics to keep the infection at bay. The growth plates were stretched out and would eventually heal. 

Trying to keep up with her mom.

 She had just lost her spots. It was a beautiful day and a frisky doe easliy cleared the farm fence. Her baby did not. Unsure of how long she hung like this, the farm owners saw her and cut her down. She could not stand and was exhausted. You can see that back leg out behind her. We were just certain she'd never walk on it again.

 It's been a long, hard road for this little girl. After the growth plates regenerated her ankle abscessed. We feared she wouldn't be releasable but after the swelling subsided she began using her hoof to walk. Lots of time went into this girl. Prayers too. And it worked! We will release her back on the farm that she came from so she can be reunited with her mother. 

 Transformations From Abuse Past And Present

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 Wolf Run Wildlife Refuge is a 501(c)3 non profit

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