Wolf Run's Wildlife Rehabilitation

 Wolf Run's Whitetail Deer


 Click on the blue box for a list of licensed wildlife rehabilitators in Kentucky. It is illegal to hold wildlife without a license.

 Just a few of the babies that were rehabilitated and released back into the wild!

Did You Find A Fawn?

 From Kentucky Department

of Fish and Wildlife

If you find a fawn please walk away. We know we are asking a lot from you and we know it's difficult but it's for the best. Here's why.

Fawns are born with little to no scent during their first several weeks of life. During this time the doe will take advantage of this and  leave her young tucked in tall grasses or thickets. She uses this time to forage and replenish her body with extra nutrition in order to raise her young. This is usually when fawns are taken by people who find them alone and think they are saving them. The doe always comes back for her baby unless she senses humans in the area or she has been killed.


Do not think you can hide and watch for the doe. She will know you are there and will not show herself. Leave the area and check back in several days. If the fawn is braying and up walking then its possible he or she has been abandoned. Please refer to this list of licensed wildlife rehabilitators in Kentucky for help. Never attempt to feed a fawn! Their systems are to delicate to endure the sudden change of switching from their mothers milk to cow's milk,  cream or baby formula.

 Did You Find A Baby Bunny?

Usually it happens when you are doing your yardwork. And sometimes your pet will carry a baby bunny into the house. If the bunny is injured you will need to contact a rehabilitator. If the baby is simply out exploring and nibbling on grasses, leave it alone. Should you come across a nest, do not disturb it. The mother rabbit only feeds her young  once in 24 hours. She will not lay with them as most mammals but stand over them while they nurse. She will return again in 24 hours. Contact a wildlife rehabilitator nearest you for help with any injured wildlife. 

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WRWR is a NO KILL Facility