To meet the ultimate needs of the animals Wolf Run is closed to the public.

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 Welcome To The Longest Running

Wildlife Sanctuary In Kentucky.

Wolf Run is a 501 C 3 Non Profit Charity and a  U.S.D.A. Licensed Facility

 Transformations Of Abuse Past And Present

 "Giving life back To The Wild"

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Mission Statement

To Provide:

  • Education

  • Rescue

  • Rehabilitation

  • Release

  • Lifelong Sanctuary


"Giving Life Back To The Wild!

This boy was living life tied to a tree. He was  so unhappy. His owner reached out and the WR staff made an appointment to visit and evaluate the animal. Once on site, we approached cautiously. Most higher content wolf hybrids are very shy. 

Not this sweetheart! Once unwound from the tree he greeted us like we were old friends! As much as we enjoyed all the licking and tail wagging, we doubted he had much wolf in him! He was so outgoing! We couldn't leave him there! And off we went on yet another adventure! This young man was coming to his forever home at Wolf Run!

 Once settled in we had his DNA testing results and boy were we surprised! See for yourself!

Once fully vetted and neutered, we learned that our new boy was under two years old. His name is, "Judge." And he enjoys people so much we decided to try him in the photography program. I'd like to say we worked with him to perfect his poses and his manners, but Judge fell into it like a professional! We are delighted to announce him as our newest educational ambassador and the star of our wildlife photography program!

 The Unsurmountable Importance Of Wildlife Rehabilitators

This fawn attempted to follow her mother over a wire farm fence. She, "almost," made it. But her ankle caught in the wire and left her hanging by her foot! No one really knows how long she was like this. The farm owner cut her down as soon as he saw what had happened and called Wolf Run for help. Once on site, we were sure she had a least a broken pelvis and leg. Her rehabilitation took months. Hours of cleaning wounds and trips to the barn to feed, clean and change bandages. Slowly we began to see her put weight on her bad leg. 

 Physical therapy and hard work paid off! In December we moved her into a stall on the farm where she had been found. Her final few weeks were spent at her release site and then one sunny morning the stall door swung open and once again she was free! She was released there in January and although she had a slight limp, she was meant for the wild! The stall door remains open for her anytime she becomes hungry or thirsty. The wonderful farm owners keep her food and water out just in case she returns. Our hearts are with her and we pray for her safety and happiness. 

 In a world full of uncertainty, these animals have been given a new life.

With your help we can make a difference!

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 Wolf Run Wildlife Refuge is a 501(c)3 non profit

 United States Department Of Agriculture

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